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Dementia is Everybody's Business

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Today, 1 in 10 Singaporeans aged 60 and above has dementia. By 2030, the number of people with dementia is projected to exceed 100,000.


Caring for people with dementia may be extremely stressful, especially as dementia robs them of their memory, thinking skills, and even change their personalities. If left unchecked, the physical, emotional and mental exhaustion can lead to caregiver burnout.

Based on positive feedback from formal and informal caregivers, ACE Seniors is proud to collaborate with The Salvation Army Peacehaven Nursing Home in our latest edition of Dementia is Everybody's Business. Our signature seminar brings together caregivers from all walks of life to learn from industry leaders, tour a leading dementia-friendly eldercare facility, and the opportunity to bring concepts to life through the 'Hackathon'. Since 2021 January, we had a total of 90 participants whereby 98% of participants will recommend the seminar.

About the Dementia ‘Hackathon’

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Hear from our industry leaders to develop an updated understanding of the pandemic’s impact on dementia care, and what it means for residential care, home-based care, day activity centres and as a community enabler.

Take a guided tour of Peacehaven Nursing Home’s Jade Circle, a four-storey, purpose-built, eldercare facility that raises the standards of dementia care through new care models with a focus on autonomy, choices and dignity.


Reference your insights and field experience garnered earlier, and work in teams to develop dementia-friendly environments and practices using the Hack Care design toolkit by the Lien Foundation, offering solutions and principles that were practicable, sparking creative ways tackling the challenge of making the environment more dementia-friend

Seminar outcomes

  • Develop an updated understanding of the pandemic’s impact on dementia care

  • Examine the possibilities of collaboration to provide patient-centred care

  • Experience purpose-built, eldercare facilities that raise the standard of dementia care

  • Generate practical solutions to care for PLD in the new normal

Seminar agenda

8.50am - Registration

9.00am - Welcome by Dr. Tan Bee Wan, Executive Chairman of ACE Seniors

9.10am - Why Jade Circle Project by Low Mui Lang, Executive Director, Peacehaven Nursing Home

9.30am - Demonstrating Person-centred Care through the Jade Circle Model of Care by Lim Hwee Er

10.30am - Tea break

11.00am - Video of Jade Circle, a dementia-friendly eldercare facility, Reflection and Discussion

12.00pm - Lunch

1.00pm - Understanding the Perspective of the PLD to address the Behaviours of Concern by Lim Hwee Er, Goshen Consultancy Services

1.50pm - Introducing Hack Care Kit by Dr Katie Avery, The Salvation Army Peacehaven Jade Circle Academy

2.00pm – Applying Hack Care Tips and Tricks and Understanding a PLD’s Perspective to make a friendlier environment for PLD and caregivers by Dr Katie Avery, Peacehaven Nursing Home

3.00pm - Tea break

3.30pm - Presentations by Hack Care Teams

4.30pm - Debrief and Summary

5.00pm - End of Seminar

WHo should attend

This seminar is for healthcare professionals, allied healthcare professionals, volunteers of eldercare SSA, formal and informal caregivers, social workers, counsellors.

early bird
(For 3 or more pax)

$275/pax (after VCF subsidy)

Standard Fee: $650/pax ($410 after VCF subsidy)

*All prices exclude GST. CCTG subsidy available for eligible organisations.
Participants will be provided with a complimentary 240-page Hack Care instruction manual, presenting ways to make the home a friendlier place for those living with dementia

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