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Innovative Prototyping

We are a Singapore-based social enterprise and interest group that offers a holistic approach towards successful ageing and with peace of mind.


Singapore is the world’s third fastest ageing nation. By 2030, there will be 900,000 older adults (aged 65 years and above).

As the Singapore population ages, it is essential that eldercare services be provided in the context of “social infrastructure” to support families in playing a role in making our seniors feel integrated in society. For this to take place, eldercare services must innovate to meet new and emerging needs of our older adults.

Our Integrative Ideation Initiative (III™) Programme helps eldercare service providers to evaluate, design, and innovate their processes or products to deliver even more effective and efficient outcomes.

The process will equip service providers with proven methods of ideation to formulate new processes and practices, resulting in end usable prototypes. The programme is fast-paced and forces companies to rethink and redesign their projects through a proven series of steps, thus setting them up for further success.

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