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We are a Singapore-based social enterprise and interest group that offers a holistic approach towards successful ageing and with peace of mind.


The ACES Club is the first Singapore membership club to provide customized professional services for residents aged 50 & above to age successfully with peace of mind.

As people age, their concerns may shift. They may ask:

  • Will I have access to healthcare that meets my needs and is within my means?

  • Will I be financially prepared so that I can provide for my retirement needs?

  • How do I stay gainfully employed and have a regular income?


With our relevant partners, The ACES Club provides the following services:
1. Professional Private Care Management
2. Employment & Entrepreneurship Opportunities
3. Independent Financial Advisory
4. Customized Will & Estate Planning
5. Life Coaching Services

Click HERE and join The ACES Club in ageing successfully today! 

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